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Are you dreaming about buying a house in Calabria to enjoy the nature, food, and traditions? If your answer is: yes, we are happy to assist you in your quest to find the perfect property for you. You can rely on our unbiased advice and knowledge of the Calabrian property market and bypass the foreign buyer information gap. 


The home buying process is stressful. Finding the perfect property, moving from your current residence and securing a loan can be tough to juggle. We can help you gather the necessary documents ahead of time to make the transition much smoother. 


Make Calabria feel like a second home to you and fast-track your moving journey by hiring our relocation services. We will assist you in each part of the way and make sure you will have your own Calabrian dream come true. As professional movers we know what it takes to get set up here. Need help finding movers, storage or furniture? We got you! Need help getting your kids into school or learning Italian fast?

We can help you!


Whatever your building or renovation needs, we offer in Italy qualified and reliable construction services and building project management. Our trusted team of italian professionals include electricians, plumbers and garden services.


Being one of the most remote and untold regions of Italy, Calabria is a secret paradise that only a few are lucky to discover. For that reason we offer small private tours of authentic Calabria, with deep cultural experiences that will nourish the soul and appease the inner explorer. Working directly with our local partners, we craft a more genuine and intimate experience that will leave you with a real taste of what living in Calabria feels like. 


Own a little piece of heaven on earth without the inconvenience of managing it. We offer a range of services that aim to preserve the value of the property while you can generate additional income. We can take care of your Calabrian home even if you are not here. From bill payments to finding long or short term rentals, we got you covered. 

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