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Calabria is the Italy of the past; the one you see portrayed in old Italian movies of the ’50s, that’s no longer congruent with the rest of Italy. When you arrive in Calabria, you get the sense that time stops. There’s an air of nostalgia and doing things the old way. Here you can find all you need directly from local farmers and small artisanal shops. You can taste authentic cuisine made with local products that you can only find in Calabria like the onions of Tropea, Cedro from the Diamante area, or the natural wines that are made by ancient Roman traditions. Calabria is a wild paradise that has preserved all of its essence unspoiled. This region is full of contrast and colors: you can enjoy a hike in the most beautiful emerald green mountains of Sila, then dive into the turquoise-like waters of the Ionian sea. 

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